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Bulletin No. 1
Bulletin No. 1 (LARSC)

Bulletin No. 2 Scrutineering times

Rally Guide

“DHL Rally Elektrėnai 2017“ documents 

Supplementary Regulations. FIA Baltic Rally Trophy, LARC participants
Supplementary Regulations. Lithuanian Automobile Rally Sprint Championship participants
Appendix No. 1 Itinerary
Appendix No. 1 Rally Sprint Itinerary
Appendix No. 2  Reconnaissance Schedule
Appendix No. 3 Competitors’ Relations Officer
Appendix No. 4 Position of rally stickers and advertising
Appendix No. 4.1. Explanation of rally stickers and advertising scheme
Appendix No. 5. Chapter III Drivers’ equipment of Appendix L 2017
Appendix No. 6. Entry Form
Appendix No. 7 Declaration of used fuel
Appendix No. 8 Declaration of safety equipment
Appendix No. 9 Instruction of usage and mounting of GPS safety and tracking equipment
Appendix No. 10 Service Park order
Appendix No. 11 Recce registration
Appendix No. 12 Map of restricted areas

Lithuanian rally championship regulations and rules (Lithuanian language only)

2017 year Lithuanian automobile rally rules

  1. Appendix. Rally signs
  2. Appendix. Standard documents
  3. Appendix. Table of penalties

Lithuanian Automobile Rally Championship – 2017 year regulations

  1. appendix. Positioning scheme of numbers and adverstising
  2. appendix. Entry form 
  3. appendix. Used fuel declaration
  4. appendix. Safety equipment declaration
  5. appendix. 2017 year events calandar
  6. appendix. Agreement to take the responsibility
  7. appendix. Media accreditation rules
  8. appendix. 2017 year technical regualtions of BMW group
    1. appendix. BMW group technical reguations
  9. appendix. 2017 year L group technical regulations
  10. appendix. 2017 year SG group technical regulations
  11. appendix. 2017 N4LT group technical regulations

Lithuanian automobile rally sprint championship regulations

  1. appendix. Positioning scheme of numbers and advertising
  2. appendix. Entry form
  3. appendix. 2017 year SG group technical regulations
  4. appendix. 2017 year TR-3 group technical regulations
  5. appendix 2017 year events calendar

LADA VFTS / Historic Cup

  1. Technical Regulations – Historic Cup
  2. Historic Regulations


Rally towns