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During Rally Elektrenai’18 – Polish Championship Event

It is already a tradition that the second weekend of September is an official festival of rally Elektrenai. All rally and adrenaline lovers are invited to Elektrenai and its’ surroundings for amazing jumps turns and special stages of amazing one day rally happening few years in a row. Each year it is different and unique, attracting different classifications or even different rally events. This year is special once again, as together with Lithuanian rally championship event the Polish championship is going to take place, too.

RSMP event once happened in 2013. Polish rally participants still with a smile remembers the Lithuanian gravel and incredible turns of legendary special stages. Polish rally championship used to have gravel events happening few years before, than after the change of the regulations they had only asphalt events. However, once again they have gravel events and once again Polish rally drivers are back to Lithuania.

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