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The Century Anniversary rally in Elektrėnai along with 5 years birthday! Happy birthday, Rally Elektrenai!

DHL Rally Elektrėnai ‘ 2015 – was for the first time happening rally in Elektrėnai during car sport’s history, that covered the most memorable places of surroundings (over 40 years of rallying in a region). The new beginning and legendary special stages, breath-taking turns, and jumps and high waves of adrenaline brought a lot of unforgettable moments for both, participants and spectators. It was a compact and cozy rally with the best included already: one day of beautiful views and great moments.

This year – the rally is back! “Rally Elektrėnai 2019” is waiting for everyone in the centre of Elektrėnai town with rally village and the best participants in special stages already on 12-13th of July! This year rally is once again special: we are going to welcome participants of Polish Rally Championship Event is coming to Elektrėnai, too. They came last year, liked it alot. And coming back again! Also, it is not special just because of five year anniversary!

As always, we do not forget the celebration and rally fiesta is going to happen to everyone visiting Elektrenai on the 12-13 of July, 2019!

We are going to let you know of everything happening during the rally! We will keep you posted!

Let’s swing in summer rally mood together! See you there!

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